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EQSL From LU7ADN QSL Cards t Cards

EQSL From LU7ADN QSL Cards t Cards


... QSL Cards by Paul Aust. eQSL From jk1jxb

Click on the warning icon, and this box pops up if you are ready to pay for an eQSL

Example of an eQSL card

home designed and printed QSL card QSL card from cheapqsls.com

The Advantages of QSL Cards over LOTW & EQSL


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Stack of actual QSL cards with blank QSO detail boxes, ready for me to fill in to earn DXCC without making a single contact!

Create QSL Card Label via Log4om

QSL Cards Tab

Automatic uploads to eQSL.cc


Cards Tab


eQSL, the perfect solution


Logbook Editing Trick for eQSL

HRD Log: Auto eQSL reporting

I plan on ordering some QSL cards in the near future from UX5UO QSLs like the one below patterned after a vintage 1930's QSL card.

This is the eQSL configuration screen. Once again the Username and Password are the only required items. If you want to download the eQL card images with ...

Some hams still do send out QSL cards, or send them in reply or if requested. Collecting cards is a fun aspect of ham radio. Many cards are interesting or ...

No QSL CARDS.. I don't collect them.OK LOTW + EQSL

eQSL Amateur Radio QSL Cards (2E0GHX) 2014-2015

ABC Adelaide (Station 5AN), transmitting from Adelaide (Pimpala) in South Australia, was received on 10 January 2017. "Summer Breakfast" with Spence Denny ...

FT8 QSL Cards

I have set my logging program (HRD) to automatically send eQSL cards to everyone I speak with, and I also do regular uploads to LoTW - good for all ARRL ...

Once you are recognized by ARRL, your electronic submissions to LoTW will be merged with all your paper QSL card submissions for a complete record for DXCC ...

After 50+ years in ham radio I don't have an overwhelming urge to initiate QSLs except, perhaps, for the rarer ones. However, anyone who sends me a QSL by ...

Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook - Auto-Submitting to eQSL and HRDLog

QSL Cards


11m DX QSL Cards from the 70`s USA CANADA BRASIL Part 1

6 QSL Route Discovery. 7 QSL Automation Generates QSL cards ...

ke2yk's eQSL

QSL Cards Collection KOL Israel and Radio Sofia bulgaria

... contacts in Ham Radio Deluxe and then send them to QRZ, LoTW, eQSL, and HRDlog. Confirmations are appreciated! I'm also just starting to send QSL cards, ...

EQSL.cc N2KNL QSL Storm Chasing in Midwest 2009

MY QSL Cards

Written by Mike

EQSL.cc – Electronic QSL cards, with pretty pictures. Its great if you like to collect cards and wanted to save on postage, but their is little or no ...

These cards are for you. But you have to send yours first.(My address is shown below). Well, if you are willing to ease my burden then you are welcome to ...

QSL Cards · eQSL From LU7ADN

eQSL-AB001.jpg2558x1438 2.65 MB

QSL Cards

QSL Cards · eQSL From KB5AAM

Your QSL card (and SWL reports) are indeed welcome via the bureau. Logs will be uploaded to eQSL, LotW and Clublog at the end of every day / contest.

I am a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). If you need a QSL card, I am active on LoTW and eQSL. I also have a full stock of ...

Regarding QSLs: I QSL every card I receive. I regularly upload logs to LoTW, eQSL and QRZ, but I still love to show off my paper cards to anyone who can ...

Greetings & 73, Here are the latest batch of QSLs received via eQSL. I made the contacts using my Yaesu FT-1000 MKV MP Transceiver Once again thanks for the ...

Log4OM Paper QSL

Log4OM eQSL and LOTW processing

Marconi Radio International eQSL

3B7C St Brandon Island QSL card

My new SKCC QSL!

Electronic QSL card site ...

QSL Cards sent in August / September 2016

eDX100 (eqsl's DXCC)

Two stacks of Apollo 11 anniversary event QSLs that arrived on Don's desk.

control station using the special event callsign VK100ANZAC was to provide a little extra incentive for amateurs to come and try this new HF digital mode.

QSL Cards · eQSL From R7KBV

On the left is the eQSL card designed by my wife Mary. We've also made a PowerPoint two-sided version shown on the right has been printed by UX5UO and will ...

QSL Cards · eQSL From PY7ZZ

QSL Cards : - Direct [to address above] - Bureau - ARRL Log Book of the World [LOTW] - eQSL.cc [AG] - QRZ Logbook - Countries worked: 314, Confirmed: 310

Main window · Capture window · Generated QSL card

QSL Cards · Choose eQSL Style - eQSL.cc

QSL card label example

QSL Cards · eQSL From n3gx

Fortunately she doesn't use it that often, and she's testing out a new low carb dough recipe, so I can live with it. Speaking of low carb, here's our low ...

QSL Cards & Logging

IT9AUH … no animals, I don't think, were hurt in the making of this QSL card. Looks like 2 donkeys.

Photo Gallery

QSL Cards · eQSL From k3vat

Radio Casanova eQSL

I've included a few pictures here of my Icom IC-736 (hamshack) along with my dual-band and the J-pole up in the attic.

-Step 3 To add the WWFF reference in the comment of the eQSL (if not printed on your customized lay-out), be sure that the ADI-file contains the field ...

I enjoy tuning in Alcaraván Radio–they're one of many low power shortwave broadcasters in South America that make shortwave listening and music discovery so ...

Elmers Elmers - An elmer is the ham equivalent of a "Yoda." Many new hams are taught by other hams. (Helping people is a common thread throughout the ham ...

IV anniversary award EUROPEAN ROS CLUB

QSL Cards - I have a confession - ham radio QSL survivor

QSL Cards · eQSL From ua4lgp

E-QSL n° 114

2014: #528 Germany, #23 in my district 2018: #123 Germany, #2 in my district

Amateur Radio: Your Resource in Disaster and Emergency Communication Every year, April 18 is a special day for radio amateurs from all over the world.

2015 Thirteen Colonies QSL Cards

Recent QSL Cards Received by K9ZW

On the subject of QSL cards, many are now sent electronically. One system is that provided by "eQSL". Logs can be uploaded to their site in ADIF format.

QSL Cards · eQSL From VE3FDZ

VIETNAM Hai Phong Radio verified in several hours my reception report sent to hphong_radio\at\vishipel.com.vn . F/d verification email + this eQSL:


How to use eQSL

QSL Cards · eQSL From LZ1LZ

QSL Cards · eQSL From SV1GYG

... FM, etc., which LoTW and eQSL require, use the mode mapping form that appears after you click Save. The example below shows PH being mapped to SSB:

If you are interested have a look at www.eqsl.cc. But of course the paper cards remain the real stuff !

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